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  • Mock #2

    I think one of Cruz or Brown gets offer and giant don't match it

    1 Jonathan Cooper OG North Carolina
    2a Arthur Brown MLB Kansas St
    2b Matt Elam S Florida
    3 Bennie Logan DT LSU
    4 Tharold Simon Cb LSU
    5 Vic Stacy Rb vandy
    6 Xavier Nixon OT Florida.
    7 Craig Roh De Michigan.

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    Don't really know all those names from round 4 on, but the first 4 picks sound nice to me... if Cruz gets sniped by a team high up on the draft (say, Miami or something), that would completely change things though...

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.


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      Yeah this mock would be brown a mid/late second. I respect Cruz but if Miami or mid 1st I would jump for joy. Take warmack and Austin. Cruz will not be a Giant next year in my opinion ala smith. He wants to much money. Austin, Swopes, stills Guys could replace him. Obviously not his production but it much cheaper. If Wr core was nicks/randle/Austin not a huge drop off to me.


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        The picks up to third round are realistic and great, maybe Cooper gets drafted before but you never know.

        Now Tharold Simon, I have 3rd round grade on him, he is fast, has great hips, and can make plays. Teams love his size, but he lacks physicality on the press coverage.

        I can guarantee you that Xavier Nixon won't be there on the 6th. He is a late 4th-early 5th round pick.

        Great Draft though fill all our needs