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    1. Bjorn Werner, DE, Florida St.
    I know this is the popular pick right now, but heck, if 18 teams want to pass on the best 4-3 DE then Jerry will not be able to control himself. This is a big moment for me, because I really want Richardson, but given the weakness at the top of this draft, I'm coming to terms with the fact that someone will take him before 19. So why does Werner slide? He is purely a 4-3 guy, so half the teams aren't interested. Those that could be interested will be lured in by guys who have a higher ceiling and more athletic ability (Ansah, Jordan, Mingo, etc). Among a group of guys that donít do a lot for me in the first round, I could get behind Werner.

    2. Terron Armstead, OT, Arkansas Pine Bluff
    Three months ago only the hardcore draft guys knew about Armstead (I definitely didnít). Since then, he impressed at the Shrine and Senior bowls, blew up the combine with great measurables, and had a pro day where his position skills awed onlookers. Probably wonít step in and start day one, but I bet he is ready to take over starting RT position in time for the playoff push. He and Beatty could anchor the line for years to come.

    3. Phillip Thomas, S, Fresno St.
    There is not much buzz about Thomas, but I think when it is all said and done he may be the best safety in this class. His combine wasnít great, and he had a terrible leg injury in 2011. But he was one of the best defensive backs in college football in 2012: he had 8 interceptions (tied for most in the country), returned 3 for TDs (most in the country), and was a finalist for the Thorpe Award. He provides scheme versatility, as he played all over the field for Fresno St. If he is there in the 3rd, the Giants should be all over him as KPís replacement.

    4. Gerald Hodges, OLB, Penn St.
    Do I give an extra bump to a LB coming out of Linebacker U? Yep. But Hodges has a lot to like regardless of his college. He was the leader of PSUís defense last year, and scouts project that he could play any of the LB positions in a 4-3. He did well at the Shrine and has skills that translate into being a good coverage LB, something that is increasingly important in todayís NFL.

    5. David Bass, DE, Missouri Western State
    There is not much tape on this kid, and clearly Missouri Western doesnít play top notch competition, but I like what Iíve seen. The 5th is a place where you can take a shot on a guy who may or may not pan out at an important position. If you listen to him talk, he seems like he has the drive to make a name for himself. Models himself after Aldon Smith.

    6a. Sanders Commings, CB, Georgia
    This kid had some off the field issues and some questions about where heíll fit into a defense, but he has great measurables (6í0 Ė 216 Ė 4.41) and good productivity on a defense full of future NFLers. He should at least be a special teams ace to start things off, and I think he has a high ceiling. Way too much potential to pass up in the 6th.

    6b. Dennis Johnson, RB, Arkansas
    This is hands down my favorite value prospect in the entire draft. I know he fumbles...a lot. I think 14 times in the past three years. He gets his plate from the buffet line and drops it before he reaches the table. But he is the most complete 3rd down back in the draft. He can block like a 3rd year pro, catch passes when the chains need to be moved, and hit the hole with the shortest choppiest steps on film. He can also take over KR duties from Wilson and has the chance to break one or two. Johnson will be the 3rd back next year, and within two years he and Wilson will be sharing carries and slicing apart defenses. Of course, TC will have to teach him how to carry it high and tight (like he did with Tiki).

    7. Earl Watford, G, James Madison
    At 6í3Ē 300lbs, Watford has the size of an NFL guard despite playing both Guard and Tackle at JMU. I have seen no tape on this kid, but he was highly regarded as a top interior lineman in FCS, and itís the seventh round...take a shot. Admittedly, I'm mailing it in a bit on this prediction (having not seen tape), but what the heck...a small school guard fits the mold of what I look for at the end of the draft -- something others could have missed because either the position is flooded with talent or the school is off the map.

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    i just dont know why I cant get on board with werner as the 1st round pick. I like hodges but I like mauti more if he stays healthy,,,I really hope we go LB earlier than the 4th. I am hoping for brown or ogeltree,,teo in the 2nd if he falls that far. I like stacy over johnson casue the kid can tote the rock. he led the sec in YPC in 2011 which aint too shabby. overall not too bad,,this is all a crap shoot as you know anyway.