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  • Giants 7 - Round Mock Draft

    Round 1 - CB Xavier Rhodes, Florida State; 6'2" 210 lbs - I don't see Thomas coming back from a 3rd ACL tear and being able to play corner. Ross is only signed for one year. Webster, if he doesn't pick up his game, could be gone at the end of this season. That leaves us with Prince and Hosley as our two CBs and Hosley is better against the small shifty guys, most of which you find in the slot. Rhodes gives us that other physical outside corner back. (Alternates - OT DJ Fluker, Alabama and DE Djoern Werner, Florida State)

    Round 2 - OL Barret Jones, Alabama; 6'4" 306 lbs - Brewer is a question mark at RT, Boothe might not be back at LG and Diehl, a potential choice to start at either of those positions, scares the crap out of me. Jones played guard, center and right tackle in college, which means he is versatile. That is something the Giants love in their offensive lineman. (Alternates - OLB Arthur Brown, Kansas State and CB Johnathon Banks, Mississippi State)

    Round 3 - OLB Jamie Collins, Southern Mississippi; 6'4" 250 lbs - Rivers is injury prone, Kiwi should be a DE, Connors is a one year stop gap and, Herzlich and Paysinger have proven to be nothing but depth guys at this point. Collins would be a SLB who can rush the passer, help in the run game and drop into zone coverage. Would easily be bigger then any of our otehr OLBs. (Alternates - CB Dwayne Gratz, Connecticut and OG Brian Winters, Kent State)

    Round 4 - DE Devin Taylor, South Carolina 6'8" 266 lbs - JPP is a beast and will hold down one side. Tuck might not be here in 2014 if his play doesn't improve. Kiwi could potentially be moved back to DE and would be a solid, if unspectacular starter. Ojomo, Trattou, Tracy and Broha are all rotational guys at best. Out of all of them, I only have faither in Ojomo. Taylor needs to bulk up to add power but definitely has potential, more so then those other four guys. (Alternates - OG Alvin Bailey, Arkansas and OLB Jelanis Jenkins, Florida)

    Round 5 - TE Nick Kasa, Colorado; 6'6" 269 lbs - Myers is on a four year contract that more then likely is a one year deal unless he really wows. Adrien Robinson is apparently the future. Bear Pascoe is meh, at least in my opinion. Kasa is a solid blocker who needs to develop his pass-catching abilities. He's been compared to our old friend Boss and would be a solid #2 guy to have for TE depth, especially if Myers doesn't last beyond this year. (Alternates - OT Xavier Nixon, Florida and ILB Kevin Red****, North Carolina)

    Round 6 - CB Steve Williams, California; 5'9" 181 lbs - I've already listed my concerns about the CBs up top. The group won't look too good in 2014 unless reinforcements are brought in. Williams reminds me of Hosley in what I've read on him. Small size guy but plays bigger then his size would indicate. Would play good inside in nickel and dime sets. (Alternates - RB Kerwynn Williams, Utah State and C Braxston Cave, Notre Dame)

    Round 7 - FS Dale Stafford, Nebraska; 6'0" 221 lbs - With Phillips gone that leaves Rolle, Brown and Hill as locks for safety with Thomas and Sash as the potential number four guy. I say throw in another body for the competition. He's aggressive and has some decent speed, despite what his 40 time might suggest. (Alternates - C Matt Stankiewitch, Penn State and QB Sean Renfree, Duke)

    Round 7 (Comp Pick) - RB Miguel Maysonet, Stony Brook 5'9" 209 lbs - I think the Giatns are going to carry four running backs into the season. Just based on the fact that Brown has some injury history. Wilson and Brown are locks. Torrain looks like he'd be the third back. I'd take Maysonet with that last pick and have him compete with Scott for that final spot. (Alternates - WR Mark Harrison, Rutgers and TE Joseph Fauria, UCLA)

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    this mock fills alot of needs, I'd be happy with this.. I love Barrett Jones in the 2nd, I have him there in my latest mock also

    good job on the write-ups


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      I like this draft, but Jamie Collins would fit a 3-4 better. I like a Sio Moore type of guy on the outside.

      No OT though? This is a big need. I would put a T somewhere around 3-5.
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        Where do I sign!?


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          Originally posted by gabriel_1 View Post
          I like this draft, but Jamie Collins would fit a 3-4 better. I like a Sio Moore type of guy on the outside.

          No OT though? This is a big need. I would put a T somewhere around 3-5.
          I have Jones being able to play right tackle. That leaves one of the young guns as the back up for LT. Brewer, McCants and Mosely.

          As for Collins, based on Reese going after Sintim and Tracy, both better fitted for OLB in a 3-4 because of their DE/OLB tweener ways, I'd say it is a possibility. Maybe Reese learned his lesson, maybe not. But I like Collins better then both of them. I hated the Sintim pick. I think Collins, unlike the other two, has the tools to be a good SLB.
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