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  • In Reese we Trust ?

    I believe as a Fan of this Great Organization, the New York Giants...It starts with the Coaching Staff, I believe that Gilbride and Fewell should go...They have been good but not great. This team lack consistency, I dont always want good moments or bad moments. I want a team that can play hard football and be consistent and obviously win.

    I believe that Kubiak should be looked at as an OC and Wade Phillips as a DC, both great minds towards their respective jobs. With Kubiak he has won 3 Superbowls as a offensive coordinator, and QB coach and made a pro bowl as a head coach in 2012. He could change the passing and running game with his knowledge after hearing the same philosophies from Gilbride for so long, that the team needs a new voice, and Kubiak and Coughling could work out an offensive staff, I Believe the GM could make the move of removing who can coach and not coach for this team and coach has to agree no matter what.

    For Wade Phillps former head coach of the hated dallas cowboys but under his leadership and guidence, the Cowboys has had a good defence and has been consistent with their defence, Its not likely Pittsburgh wont release Richard Lebeau, though I love to see him coach the defence of the giants, but Wade is good too, Ranking top 10 for defence during his years as a coordinator.

    For the players I believe the Team should revamp their offensive line, this may be controversial, but I believe that Richie Incognito could make a huge improvement on the O-line. He play hard physical game, and brings grit to the game of football and has a very big body. I believe that big teams win games most of the time. Another improvement can be to either let Dallas Reynolds be the starting Center or draft Travis Swanson cause boothe fails to block Eli and Baas gets injured too often. I would like to trade for Bryant Mckinnie with Dave Diehl or Kevin Boothe. and bring in another big offensive tackle like Micheal Oher off Free Agency.

    Another point for the Offence, with Hakeem Nicks being a pending free agent, The team should look to drafting bigger and taller WR's to replace Nicks he has a tough year. The team should look into WR's like Mike Evan of Texas A&M and Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Florida State big and tall receivers and help Eli improve his passing game .

    As well as the Runningback position, Andre Brown has been the best Runningback for the Giants this season but gets injured to often. The Giants should look to sign Maurice Jones Drew a three time probowler and a 3 time all pro and could help improve the running game and have the 1, 2 punch with Andre Brown and make Wilson the Third String and take a look at hometown hero Knowshon Moreno. As for the Fullback position get rid of Hynoski, and look to draft J.C. Copeland in the late round regarded as the best fullbacks in this class and AGAIN improve the Running Game.

    As for TightEnd take a look at Austin Seferian-Jenkins of Washington, Big and Tall TE that block, catch, he is a big strong physical player, and the size of an NFL Tightend and make more of a difference than Brandon Myers, what were you thinking of Signing him.

    Enough about Offence, now lets talk about Defence. Starting from the D-Line I believe that Tuck and Giants should come to an agreement and keep him till he retires and JPP should stay as well, but the DT and NT postion should be bigger and younger. For NT/DT Giants should look to draft Daniel McCullers DT, Tennessee, big man that plays a physical game and will bring Grit toughness and truculence to the team and big size as well. As well as Beau Allen who is similar to Daniel McCullers.

    For Linebackers resign Jon Beason but make him play on the Outside rather than middle, he is not the size of a MLB, The Giants should look to draft Andrew Jackson of WKU, who plays a similar physical game like former ProBowl Linebacker Ray Lewis, as Jackson leads his team in tackles, and sacks which the Giants dont get enough of this season.

    As well as bring in a pass rusher, Courtney Upshaw could be a nice fit as well as a James Harrison, they have size and love to sack QB's.

    I would leave the secondary for now as Antrel and Prince have done their jobs nicely, but if Steve Brown is out for the season again. Danile Manning could be a trade bait as houston is looking to rebuild after having a horrific season or trade Webster for Troy Polomalu but that may be a long shot but the pittsburgh defence is getting old and looking to rebuild and make it younger. but another Corner would be nice to play along with Prince look to draft Antone Exum, CB/S or sign Dominic Rogers Cromartie to a contract

    But the most important thing is to have depth at every position, Big players for each position, because Big teams always win games as well as young players. Big Young Players always want to make a differnce, and experince always help too. It may seem far fetched but I believe there can be ways to improve this giants team. All I want is too see major changes in the offseason that could help this team.

    Though I doubt they will look at my thread, I think they should take this post into consideration. Of the UFA and RFA the giants have i didnt mention Release them cause most of them didnt do their job properly. And all Giant players should be accountable for their mistakes and learn to grow and be a better team