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    Originally posted by born blue View Post
    I'd be very happy with this. This was exactly what I was thinking a week ago in fact for the first 3 rounds -- I am very high on all of those guys. I think Hyde will be the best back in this class and Van Noy is a playmaker. Right now, I have us taking 1. Lewan, 2. Van Noy, 3. Gaines because I think there is a better chance we can get a servicable RB in rounds 4+ than a servicable OL...
    Thanks man I am really beginning to like the chance of Gaines in the 3rd. I did that in one of my latest mocks. He is a good player for sure. I personally think his coverage is about as good as anyone else in the draft but he doesn't make the flashy INT's or make any big hits that someone like Dennard can make
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    1st) O.J Howard TE Bama 2nd) D. Walker DE F.S.U 3rd) S. Perine RB Oklahoma
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    6th) Fred Ross WR Miss St 7th) J. Reeves-Maybin LB Tenn
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