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BigBlue's Post Combine Mock Draft Rounds 1-3

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  • BigBlue's Post Combine Mock Draft Rounds 1-3

    Free Agency- I would like to see a guard and center taken in free agency to help our line

    Mock Draft goal- I tried to make it an easy read that is simply and direct to the Point,

    Round 1-Mike Evans-WR-Texas A&M 6'5 231 lbs 35 inch arms

    1.He met with the Giants at the combine
    2.Our big receiver threat leaves and a much bigger one comes who even plays with more speed,Nicks was 6'1 208 lbs
    3.Lets the Salsa thrive, i dont see how teams can double cruz with a 6'5 35 inch arms , monster on the other side who will get the ball if its in the air
    4.Eli likes the deep ball,he always has and this dude if hes ever in 1 on 1 coverage, get ready to see something special
    5.Only played one year of high school football, He has lots of potential

    1.Physical receiver,he uses his size and strength.
    2.Great Jump ball player.
    3.Very good downfield blocker.
    4.Excellent body control
    5.Good hands

    1. Doesn't have incredible speed but has good speed and is a long strider
    2.Could work on creating a little more seperation and not relying on size

    Round 2- Jack Mewhort -OT-Ohio State 6'6 309 lbs 34 inch arms


    1.He met with the Giants at the combine
    2.He is a versatile Lineman who has played Left Tackle,Right guard, and Left guard. This is the type of lineman they are looking for.
    3.Many holes on the offensive line , his spot on the line will be influenced by our free agent additions.

    1.Excellent size,strength,and technique
    2.Easily controls opponents
    3.Uses long arms well
    4.great run blocker,good pass blocker
    5.Will embarrass the off balance rusher

    1. Plays high elite athleticism
    3.needs to work on defending the stutter step

    Round 3-CJ Fiedorowicz-TE-Iowa 6'5 265 lbs 10 1/4 hands

    1.Myers will be gone and the "JPP of TE's" doesnt seem ready to step up ,always hurt'
    2.Much better blocker than Myers was

    1.Great combine performance for a blocking tightend who can catch 4.76 which shouldnt be considered slow for a guy this big, bench pressed 25 times
    2.Great blocker,better blocker than Ebron and ASJ too'
    3.Good versatility catching and blocking ability
    4.good body control
    5.Soft Hands

    1.No great stats at Iowa but he was underutilized
    2.Not a flashy receiving threat but will get the job done

    Thank you for checking this out but most importantly i want to see what you guys think about it
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    I would have no problem with this. Love fiedorowicz. Mewhort is solid, and would have no problem with him at all.

    i like evans a lot, but hope someone from the top 10 falls to us. but i have evans right around 12 or 13 overall, so he would be a great pick for us

    nice job