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Disappointed in the Giants Organization Today

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    I too struggled with the PSL thing. I ultimately forked over the $, with no thoughts of "investment"...haha... I'm not filthy rich or anything!!
    Season Tix in the family since 1955, what was I supposed to do?! Be the one that canceled??
    The PSL $ generated was to be around 325 million to go toward the 1.6 billion ( or a little less than half the Giants cost, I guess).
    Utimately, it is the market. I do admit that the crowd changed. I "upgraded" to Mezz club seats after being in endzone lower for ever and these are the seats that seem to get sold to opposing team most often. I don't even like to go to Dallas games, as they seem to dominate my section. I kind of regret leaving my old seats, although front row Mezz is pretty awesome!

    And for those that say they would rather watch on TV than give the greedy owners $....That is where they get the majority of their $ from the know that right? Approximately $250 million a year from revenue sharing. You want to punish the rich owners? Turn of the tube....

    Lastly, I remember being at the game where Tisch was booed at half time due to PSLs. Unfortunately, it was at a presentation related to cancer prevention/cure. I was a bit embarrassed as the crowd drowned out Christen Brinkley (I think it was her).


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      Originally posted by BlueJayC View Post
      Season ticket holder pre-sale is today which "USUALLY" means they give current season ticket holders the opportunity to buy available single game tickets at face-value prices. I look forward to this day every year it allows me to pick up tickets to bring family and friends to the game without getting bent over by Ticketmaster or the secondary market.

      For whatever reason the Giants & Ticketmaster have decided to employ what looks like dynamic prices to their game this year. Meaning an extra charge based on perceived demand though a game has yet to be played yet. To give you an example my face seats in the lower bowl are roughly $140/game. I think the going face value for upper bowl seats is about $100 there are currently a ton of tickets left for the Cowboy game in the upper bowl but they start at $175/piece and that DOES NOT include the 15-20% Ticketmaster will hit you on the end. So even though these tickets are available to season ticket holders in a disguised "pre-sale" the cost for the last row in the stadium starts at $200....and they wonder why the home crowd advantage has been lost in recent years.

      I get that it's a business and the idea is to make money but a 100% ticket mark up disguised as "Season Ticket Holder Benefit" is a slap in the face. This face value pre-sale was one of the few benefits as a Season Ticket holder we used to grab from the non-loyalists not those who have had a vested interest in the team for years and years and years.

      Extremely disappointed today......this organization used to be better than that.

      Had to vent feel free to disregard.
      Very sorry you are going through this....I am not a season ticket holder but I did stop going to games years ago because of all the crap the NFL teams are gotta make six figures now to enjoy yourself. It is not a game for the common working man anymore. $12 FOR A HOT DOG? Gimmie a damn break!