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Ticket advice for Aussie seeing raiders game nov 10

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  • Ticket advice for Aussie seeing raiders game nov 10

    Hey I'm an Australian traveling to Ny in November and in looking to see the raiders at giants game. I've been looking at places like stubhub and other ticket resellers so I'm well on top of that but I was wondering is the the best way to get tickets? Are direct face value single game tickets sold out or do they only go on sale closer to the game day (if so how much closer?)

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    I've been trying to figure the best answer for many of my trips to football games. From my experience so far the best sure fire way to get your tickets is stub hub. The problem with scalpers is the uncertainty and the laws involved sometimes. In Florida they're supposed to sell them by the price of the ticket apparantly but we all know that doesn't happen. I've also read or heard that you may want to ask the person you are buying the tickets from to let them take a picture of their face. If they're selling bogus tickets they will scare off. I'd like to know if more tickets become available as the game nears kickoff day as well to lower ticket prices.


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      The Giants sell very few individual game tickets. Generally, only the left-overs that are not being used by players, employees, league personnel, etc.

      Safest ways are stub hub or the ticket exchange from the team website. The ticket exchange is generally more expensive and only offers the print-at-home. Other option is go to the stadium the day of the game. Find the lot with the busses and walk around that area. The busses come from all over and usually have a few people with extra tickets.