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PSL Lawsuit?

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    Originally posted by Kase-1 View Post

    I'm sure there are still PSLs out there, I remember when they were going through the season ticket waiting list, and by the time they got to my # the only PSLs were 20k each, plus 8k per season in tax, to which I laughed and they said they had a payment plan where I could pay off the 20k per PSL in 3 installments, I hung up
    I don't blame you. There are a ton of psl's for sale on the market place.
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      Originally posted by speedman View Post

      You couldn't be more wrong. Check out the Giants psl market place.
      Yes, the idea that there is still a waiting list for tickets is nonsense.

      The PSL's ended the wait list.


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        Originally posted by RoanokeFan View Post

        Any PSL holder can simply sell their license(s). No suit required.
        That is what the contract says, it is clear.
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          Originally posted by jomo View Post

          That is what the contract says, it is clear.
          We need to win a game soon )
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            I think there is a law suit here. The Fans are paying for football not political statements. They are being forced to watch political statements that were not disclosed in the original PSL contract. It is the definition forced speech. I believe that the players have the right to protest. But the fans should also have the right not to have to pay for something they was not disclosed in the agreement. So they should be able to be reimbursed by the seller.
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