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Your team, your take: What Giants season-ticket holders are telling us

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  • Your team, your take: What Giants season-ticket holders are telling us

    Excerpt: "Following Giants ownership's expression of support for Ben McAdoo while also saying this season has been "inexcusable," our plan was to reach out to season ticket holders in order to paint as accurate of a picture as possible of what the team should expect from their fans Sunday.

    How will fans handle the rest of the season with four home games left, including three in December against the NFC East? Will they still go to games? Have they sold the tickets or reached out to co-owners John Mara and Steve Tisch to express their disappointment?

    Below is a sampling of the responses received by The Record and through interviews by phone, via email and social media.

    Let us know what you think in the comments section.
    John J. Wright

    Section 328

    Father, Giants Fan, Husband, Iraqi Freedom Veteran.

    The order switches on game day!

    My first Giants game was in 1990. A 20-0 shutout against the Lions. From that year to 2000, my dad would take me to one game a year and they won every game I️ went to.

    Upon entry in the US Army in 2000, my service caused me to miss a year or two of games.

    My grandfather wrote the Mara’s and acquired season tickets and after my deployment that idea trickled with me and my young self gave it a try. Two weeks after my letter was sent, tickets were mine.

    2005 was my first game as a season ticket holder. Section 323 seats 17 and 18. My section mates were not ready for me but did eventually get accustomed to my craziness.

    Four games stick out in my head, 2003 wildcard (not in attendance; stationed in Mannheim, Germany), 2005 wildcard, Giants Stadium finale, and Desean Jackson. Those games are the most heartbreaking to me. This season is just as heartbreaking but as a Giant fan, there’s always next year. Optimistic for 8-8? Always! Are the Giants my pick to win every week? Always. My “fandom” will always remain true and as a fan, nothing will change my mind! Christine Massaro

    Section 336

    Massaro's have been season ticket holders since 1976. With the ownership expressing support for McAdoo, we are now selling our remaining tickets, including what was supposed to be a fun New Year's Eve tailgate when the Giants host the Redskins. It pains me to think some divisional opponents fans will most likely be sitting in our seats, but we have no control over who buys them on NFL Ticket Exchange. I think ownership can expect to see a lot of opposing team's jerseys in the next month and a half. With 4 home games left, I will be attending 0, the first time in my life that I won't be attending at least one Giants game in a season. First time in my life I won't be asking for any Giants gear for Christmas. I already put my box of Giants gear away until next summer. How sad is that? I'm ashamed of how far they've let this problem get, that this once prideful franchise could stick by an old mantra of not making any coaching changes in season. Just in August, I attended the season ticket holder practice and got to meet players. They were upbeat and excited for the season, as were the fans in attendance. Now? I can't wait for the season to just be over. They are losing games, revenue, and pride. Time to give the fans some sort of hope. Maybe for Christmas, we'll get a new GM and head coach.
    New York Giants safety Landon Collins (21) high fives fans before a game against the Detroit Lions at MetLife Stadium. (Photo: Brad Penner, USA TODAY Sports)Chris Vancheri

    Section 126

    I plan on going to the last four home games. My brother, on the other hand does not want to, nor does my sister. As bad as it is right now, I still want to be there. Like you I’ve sat through many heartbreaking losses in the new and old stadium (Flipper Anderson still bothers me years later) but it doesn’t mean we turn our backs on the team.

    When the Giants twitter handle sends quotes from McAdoo I simply reply with GIFs that pretty much explain how most Giants feel right now - annoyed. Yes, I think he should be fired but I get why they’re not doing it during the season. There’s a double standard for sure with McAdoo and Reese as OBJ could do no wrong when he acted like he did yet never was punished. Now guys for little things are being fined or suspended. Obvious he lost the team as you can’t have two rules one for the best player and then everyone else.

    Toyed with the idea of holding a Fire McAdoo sign on Sunday but I won’t do that but I’ll boo McAdoo. I’ve said this on many occasions, he’s just like Ray Handley who thought he was Parcells and wasn’t. McAdoo thinks he’s Coughlin but he is nowhere near that level.

    Time to clean house and get back to the New York Football Giants way. James Kopcho

    Section 320

    I have had these tickets for about 15 years now and have only missed a handful of games.

    I will be there every game this year, it is something I enjoy doing whether the team is good or bad. I do not sell my tickets, right now I could not get the value back that I paid for them anyway. I may reach out to owners, I have not decided yet. But I also trust that they see how this is going and will get rid of McAdoo at the end of the season. I am not one to call for a coach to lose his job so early, but McAdoo seems lost out there and I think it is time for the Giants to move on from the mistake before it gets too far.

    I think the reception as they come home this Sunday is going to be a half empty stadium with a lot of boos and chants to fire McAdoo, especially if they are getting blown out again. I felt the energy in the stadium for the last game against the Rams was very similar to the energy at a preseason game. I believe that energy will continue for the rest of the year and against Dallas and Philly, it will be like a home game for the opposing team and embarrassing as a fan base.
    A disappointed Giants fan at the end of the game. The Seattle Seahawks defeat the New York Giants 24-7 on Sunday, October 22, 2017 in East Rutherford, NJ. (Photo: Danielle Parhizkaran/ Downey

    Section 219

    I attend every game with my father and younger brother. We rarely ever sell our tickets and have went to every game so far this season. BUT, we will not plan on going to the remaining games this season, other than the final game on 12/31.

    Growing up in our house, the Giants are basically our lives. We literally plan our schedules from September to December around the Giants schedule and usually try to go to an away game (most likely Washington or Philadelphia, though last year we drove out to Cleveland). But given this year’s circumstances, we have no interest whatsoever to attend any of the remaining games. We will however attend the Washington game on 12/31 to get one last fix in until next season.

    In regards to my opinion about the state of the team, I will be blunt: McAdoo is the PRIMARY issue. Though I have never been too keen on Reese, and have always given Eli the benefit of the doubt (until this season), I truly believe that McAdoo is the main concern. I never liked him as Coughlin’s offensive coordinator, and it truly upset me when they promoted him to head coach, but as a fan there was nothing I could do or say to change the minds of the owners. Looking at the 1-8 record of the Giants, the sole victory this season came when McAdoo relinquished control over to Mike Sullivan in Denver. If that doesn’t speak volumes about McAdoo’s play calling this season, I don’t know what does. Tom Prendergast

    Section 146"

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