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  • Upper Endzone seats

    I'm a HUGE fan and have been dreaming of watching the giants play live for so long (never been to a football game) After tickets went on sale on ticketmaster recently I was able to grab 4 for the monday night Vikings game October 21. I'm a bit concerned about our seats however. It was slim pickings but we manages to get Upper Endzone section 301 (row 20) seats.

    I've seen pictures online from that section but I wanted to ask you guys who have experience in these areas, was it good? Came out to about 125 per ticket so I'm not sure if I just payed for the worst seats in the stadium. I just want to be able to have a pretty good view and watch the Gmen do their thing!

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    Nothing beats the NFL experience at the stadium. Row 20 is up there, but go to the game, enjoy the tailgate and have fun! An October game means it won't be cold so you'll be ok. The neat thing about your view is you get to see the WR patterns develop which I like. Like I said, you're up there but you'll have fun if you're a big fan.


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      I used to sit in 348 row 23, you will be able to see everything.


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        The large HD video screens make sitting anywhere upstairs not too bad. It's not like the old days when whatever you can't see, you'll never see. If you have a decent pair of wide angle view binoculars, they help too.


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          Not a bad seat in the place. Metlife is a very underrated football stadium IMO. Excellent sightlines from every seat. HD video screens are tremendous also.
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            Section 301 is right between the hash marks....similar to the camera position when a team kicks a field goal. You will have a nice view watching the plays develop. Its a pretty cool vantage point. My seats are more on the turn in the corner of the endzone. In the old stadium, we were in the endzone but looking more down the sideline. I've always enjoyed watching the holes open up and plays develop. Enjoy the game!


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              Saw one of my favorite Giant PLays from up there.

              Im a season ticket holder of a Giant game in the lower level. For the Giants Jets game, I had to get tickets online since the Giants were visitors. First impression of the seats is that they are REALLY high up. I mean Way up there. But that said, you have a great view. I was in the endzone side that Cruz ran his 99-yard reception into during that Christmas Eve game. We were some of the furthest people from the action in the whole stadium. Still, when he made the catch and juked that first guy, we could see immediately that he might go all the way. It's truly amazing how you could be so far from something and still see so well. Enjoy the game, and even though you are way up there, MAKE SOME NOISE (when we are on defense of course)!!!