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  • section 139 tickets question

    i will be visiting ny and attending my first NFL game. i have purchased section 139 tickets and i am trying to understand the benefits (if any) that come with the section 139 tickets.

    do all section 139 tickets have access to the metlife 50 club? i seem to see the info on the JETS page but i can't find any info relating to "giants" games.

    when i read the jets info, it says vip parking and free food in the lower lounge under the section.

    can anyone confirm this information? i'm rather excited to see the manning versus manning game sept 15.

    does the metlife lounge open 1.5-2 hours before the kickoff? since i bought the tickets on NFL exchange, i don't know exactly what is included with the tickets....since i am not the psl ticket holder.

    thank you for your time...

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    I'd give the Giants a call and ask 1-877-694-2010 or 1-201-935-8222 . My guess is parking is not included with your purchase because those are separate ticket stubs. As for access to the Metlife 50 Club area under Section 139 you should be able to access that. I believe to get to those seats you access them thru the Met 50 Club.