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    When I looked for giant-jets tickets for preaseason, $40-$50 got you nosebleeds pretty much... so I am sure that what you paid for them isn't that bad.


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      Originally posted by mitchmac View Post
      So, wny does one end zone have the visiting teams logo and colors? Quite a slap in the face for the Giants season ticket holders forced to look at that after having to pay full price for pre-season tickets.
      The Giants/Jets preseason game is considered the MetLife Bowl. Winner gets a Snoopy Trophy. So they set the end zones up like they do for the Super Bowl....also, the Goal Post padding in the Jets end zone had the Jets logo as well. Setup is same when Jets are home for the Met Life Bowl. Regular season games, home colors and end zones for the Giants when the Giants are home and vice versa when the Jets are home.


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        That's fine, but than treat it like the super bowl - open the ticket sales to the public and don't force either teams season ticket holders to buy tickets. I'm sure they'd get a full house with 2 teams playing for such a prestigious title.