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    I am trying to arrange a trip to Giant's stadium with some of my old college roommates. I have never been to the new stadium and was looking for tickets but I noticed they were extremely expensive. I tried to find some on Craig's List and I found some that seemed appealing. I asked the person on Craig's List if they could send me a picture of the tickets so I can verify authenticity. The person did send me a picture but I honestly do not know if they are fake or not. Here is the picture he sent me: I would appreciate it if someone with more experience or knowledge on tickets could tell me if they are fake. By the way he is charging 900 for all four tickets. Thanks in advance! EDIT: It is for the Broncos game.

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    Those tickets are going for a lot more then face value. Is he a season ticket holder? It just seems to god to be true.


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      They wouldn't be season tickets - seasons don't come from Ticketmaster.

      I'm always leary of buying hard copy tickets on Craigslist because they could've already been sold on Ticket Exchange (or I believe stub hub as well) by entering the bar codes. Once someone purchases by the bar code, a new bar code is generated and the original is than invalidated.


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        Those definitely are not from a season ticket holder. This year, the tickets that season ticket holders received honors the Giants in the Hall of Fame, with their picture on the tickets. I also received the tickets about a week before the the first preseason game....not sure how these tickets were printed on Jul 11....maybe the ticketmasters of the world get them ahead of time. I'm not sure how that works. I can not confirm their authenticity.


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          Im looking for 2 tickets for the Nov 24th game against Dallas lower level only please.