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UK fan travelling - Gameday Tips/Advice?

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  • UK fan travelling - Gameday Tips/Advice?

    Afternoon Ladies/Gentlemen - I'm a British NFL fan heading over to the States in September to visit New York and Washington DC. I already have sorted tickets out for the Broncos @ Giants game, as well as the Lions @ Redskins.

    It's just myself travelling alone (Male 24 years old) - Just looking if you guys have any helpful tips or advice for gameday? Had a little look to see if there were any recent topics/stickies before I posted but couldn't spot anything much.

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    You have to at least give yourself time to check out the tailgating outside the stadium.....some pretty interesting stuff going on out there!

    Going by myself I'd probably be inclined to bring some sort of disposable cooler with beers and ice, take mass transportation to the stadium (bus or train), find some cool looking giant fans on board that look like their heading to a pre-game tailgate, chat them up and ask if they'd mind if you tag along. Most Giant fans I've run into over the years would be pretty accomodating in that situation.