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Carry-in policy: Camera equipment (lens more than 6" in lenght)

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  • Carry-in policy: Camera equipment (lens more than 6" in lenght)

    Hi! Bonjour,

    We are from Montreal (Quebec) and will be traveling to NY by van on dec 13 (to visit) and on the 16th to attend the game on against he SeaHAWKS. I have read the carry-in policy regarding the lenght of the lens that are allowed into the stadium. Notably : Still-photography cameras with a lens that is 6 or less in length not contained in a case. I do own a Canon EF 70-200mm ( 7.8 in) wich is quite expensive, and I do not want to leave unattended in the parking lot. see :

    What are my options? Can I still carry this equipement with me...?

    Best Regards, Merci!
    Gilles Michaud

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    It's the new 2.8 IS!! You can leave it with me!! LOL They are pretty picky! I'd say you'd need to find a home for it before you go in. I've taken my 1DmkII in with a 200 f2.8 without an issue (it's just about 6"), but I really think the 70-200 will give you some trouble. They laughed at me for trying to bring in a 300 f4 in the old stadium.

    You can leave it in the van, there won't be an issue. What is the license plate of the van? LOL
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