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In-Stadium Live Video "Trial" @ MLS on 1/8/12

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  • In-Stadium Live Video "Trial" @ MLS on 1/8/12

    This was the email from last week...

    <TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=3>
    <TD class=quotecodeheader>Quote:</TD></TR>
    <TD class=quotebody>Giants Fans, we are proud to announce that using the FREE New York Giants Mobile App you can watch live in-stadium video feeds and replays right on your phone exclusively via the Giants Mobile app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. This is a stadium exclusive feature, available while you are inside MetLife Stadium.

    Text the word “Giants” to 51288 or click here to download the Giants Mobile App

    To access the Live Video feature:
    •Connect to the “MLSOPEN” Wi-Fi Network through the Settings menu of your Android smartphone or iPhone.
    •Launch the Giants Mobile App.
    •Hit the up arrow located on the bottom right of the screen and click “LIVE VIDEO”
    •Once the screen loads, select the “Live”, “Highlights” or “Drive” tab
    The Wi-Fi Network and In-Stadium features are still undergoing testing and therefore are offered at no charge. We welcome your comments on this trial service. Let us know via the Feedback form in the Settings part of the app or at: or

    New York Giants

    So did anybody try this? Did it work for you?
    I tried in the late first quarter, but got frustrated and gave up after repeatedly getting connection errors. I was using the Android app on a VZW Droid Charge.

    I was able to successfully connect to the network on my phone twice out of about 20 attempts. Once I finally had a connection, I tried to load the “Video” section of the app. I was unable to see the video except once in about 10 – 15 attempts. When I got the video to appear, it froze up after a few seconds, and never recovered. The rest of the times that I tried to load the video, I received an error message stating that there was too much network traffic.

    They've really done a terrible job of implementing this. But with this stadium, who could expect anything better? This was promised back in the summer of 2010, and we still are "testing" it over 2 seasons later?!

    I don’t understand how it is that difficult to adequately predict the volume of wireless traffic when you know exactly how many people will be in the stadium on a gameday. There are absolutely no variables here, other than what percentages of people are using their smartphones... So you over-estimate.

    Bad job by NYG, Verizon, Cisco and Yinzcam.

    I've contacted them via the methods in the email, and if you're also disappointed by this, then I encourage you to do the same.

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    Re: In-Stadium Live Video &quot;Trial&quot; @ MLS on 1/8/12

    I also was unable to connect and tried several times. I did respond to yinzcam and did receive a response that they would pass along the info to those responsible at the stadium.