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First Giants Game - Redskins 9/25

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  • First Giants Game - Redskins 9/25

    Hey Guys,

    Looking to come down from Maine for our first Giant's game this year. Just looking for some advice on tickets.

    When do single game tickets usually become available? Does the team release single game tickets or are all seats essentially PSL's and the amount of tickets available just depends on how many sell their tickets for that game rather than go to the game?

    What is the best site to buy tickets on? NFL Ticket Exchange? Can you buy directly on the Giants site?

    Just looking for some information on the best way to go about this when the time comes and really looking forward to seeing a game in person for the first time.

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    You can try all sorts of sites. I always buy tickets (when I need some extras) on NFL ticket exchange. You can click on "tickets" directly from the site. If you are planning a trip well in advance, you will want to get your tickets early enough to do the rest of your planning. You could save a little money normally, by waiting it out until the day before, but in some cases that doesn't work out. Hope this helps. Enjoy the game and cheer loudly for the G-Men.


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      Ticket exchange is the best means of 2ndary tickets

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