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Tips on Quickest Way out to Turnpike South

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  • Tips on Quickest Way out to Turnpike South

    Need to get out of the stadium lot ASAP after the game on Sunday to get to Newark Airport. Any tips on where to park to get to the Turnpike the quickest? I'm usually a 3 West guy, so this one's a little new to me!


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    Dude, your best bet is to leave in the middle of the 3rd quarter, if you need to get to the airport at a specific time..


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      I hear you, but we stayed for the duration last week and I think we would've had time to get the 8:00 flight I need to get to. I usually park close to the way out for 3 west though. I'd prefer not to have to go that way and then make a u-turn somewhere - was hoping for a better way to get to the turnpike.


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        Not sure but try Google maps or Mapquest.
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