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More fans are arrested at Jets and Giants games than almost any other stadium in the NFL

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  • More fans are arrested at Jets and Giants games than almost any other stadium in the NFL

    Excerpt: "Police at MetLife Stadium are among the busiest in the NFL, cuffing nearly 22 fans a weekend according to data collected by the Washington Post.

    In an in-depth look at violence among fans at NFL stadiums, the Post found that, on average, 21.96 arrests are made over the 17 weeks of the season at the Meadowlands; 22.5 at Giants games and 21.5 at Jets games. The data was collected from local law enforcement and covers the 2011-2015 seasons. San Diego has the distinction of being the city with the most arrests per game at 24.58 while the fewest arrests are made in Seattle, Chicago and Tampa Bay (0.8).

    Many of the factors that one would expect to lead to arrests were proven right by the Post’s data; there are more arrests during divisional games, and even more events during divisional games that kick off after 4 p.m. There are certain fan bases — like the Radiers’ — that often bring violence into the cities they visit.

    Interestingly, the Post’s reporting found that despite the high number of arrests, New York often received high remarks, according to Jeff Miller, the NFL’s former head of security, for how it handled security. A lot of that can be chalked up to zero-tolerance policies put in place by many franchises, including San Diego and New York." Read more...
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    Personally, I think that this thread should be in TAGF. No NFL stadium is immune to a bunch of drunk idiots fighting over dumb crap. There is no such thing as a classy fanbase. I've been to our games at Met Life, Giants Stadium, Philadelphia twice, DC twice, Oakland, San Diego twice, Seattle, Arizona, Kansas City, and Buffalo. No matter where you go or when you have gone, it is the same old ****. When you mix alcohol and testosterone, you get people acting a fool. What is more idiotic of these fans is that people act like this despite spending hundreds of dollars going to these events. It is such a waste to get kicked out of a game. The violence at games are so bad that I would NEVER bring a child of mine to a football game.
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      Bunch of idiots. No excuse for this.
      Never go to battle with the intellectually unarmed.


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        Are they all Philly fans though?


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          Originally posted by TheAnalyst View Post
          Are they all Philly fans though?

          Most of them are, yes.

          The field is behind you, *******!!!