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    Hi everyone !!!
    I know there have been similar posts , I am ticking an item off of my bucket list and am visiting in November , I plan on going to a game , I'm coming from scotland , on my own , I'm female and 28! So it's a bit scary!Haha I'm nervous about going alone, is there anything I should know about or any advice before buying a ticket as I really don't know where to start it's all very daunting ! Also can anyone explain what tailgating is ? Lol I've gone through a few previous posts and I'm lost ! Can't wait to finally see the giants play though!

  • #2 is the official ticket vendor for the Giants, but tickets only rarely show up there as most tickets are purchased by season ticket holders. is the official place for season ticket holders to sell tickets, so that's probably the most reliable of the resellers. You can also check Stubhub - who doesn't have an official connection to the Giants so may be a little more risky. Stubhub does have a money-back guarantee if the tickets you get thru them are bogus but i'm not sure how much that helps you standing at the entrance to the stadium with a fake ticket.

    Most big stadiums in the states are surrounded by huge parking lots, and typically tailgating takes place in these lots. Anything from two guys on beach chairs sitting behind their car drinking a few beers, to people who drive trucks in carrying DJs, sound systems, lights, monitors...the works. Average tailgate is probably 8-12 people with a cooler of beer, a grill for some burgers/steaks/etc. and either a beer pong table, a cornhole setup, or simply a ball to toss around. Mingling among tailgates is definitely encouraged!

    Good Luck!


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      As for tickets my favorite place to get them is the Giants ticket exchange. By far.

      Tailgating is a bunch of fans cooking, drinking, and general partying outside the stadium before and usually after the game. Come on by lot L6, you can't miss us Giants ambulance, we have a 20ft field goal post on top, LOL
      Come check the G-Fambulance and The Scarf Soldiers every home game in Lot L6, and like us on facebook and instagam 'NYG Scarf Soldiers'


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        Originally posted by Kase-1 View Post
        . Come on by lot L6, you can't miss us Giants ambulance, we have a 20ft field goal post on top, LOL
        I can vouch for the ambulance crew. Great bunch of guys, and if you stop by you WILL be impressed by the ambulance!


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          Oh great!!! Thanks for the excellent tips guys I'll definitely be checking out the ambulance lol! I'll have a look on ticket exchange too! Tailgating sounds awesome! Thanks everyone looking forward to it now !


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            Anyone know how one can buy a ticket for the chiefs game on the 19th Nov ? Had a look on ticket exchange and drawing a blank x


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              I don't believe season ticket holders have their tickets yet, and I think those are the only tickets that would go in the exchange.

              Looks like some tickets may be available from Ticketmaster itself next week though:

              The New York Giants have a limited number of single game tickets available for the 2017 season. Ticket prices range from $57-$373 for preseason and $125-$800 for regular season, depending on the game and the seat location. Tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

              Single game tickets will go on sale to the public beginning at noon on Wednesday, June 28.