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Aussies hitting NYC for a game - need some help!

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  • Aussies hitting NYC for a game - need some help!

    So it turns out I and some friends are in NYC for the Giants V Chargers game. I am doing my level best to research online - but still a little confused

    So hopefully some of you kind folk on here might be able to help out

    1. Has this game officially sold out? I can see I can get seats on stubhub and vivid - but not direct from the NFL/Giants etc. Even the "official reseller" ticketmaster doesn't appear to have any tickets - well at least I can't find any.

    2. Is there any seats under cover at the southern endzone (mezzanine level 224 through to 228)

    3. So I am mad keen to try and get involved with tailgating... except we won't have a car. Can you still enter the parking lot? And are you allowed to simply rock up on foot with a carton of beer? do you need a ticket to enter the parking lot?

    4. Last time I saw an American team play was the SF Giants and they won the world series that year... hopefully i'm the lucky charm in the NFL too

    Thanks in advance