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Here is NFL's new national anthem policy | Commissioner Roger Goodell's, NFLPA statements

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  • Here is NFL's new national anthem policy | Commissioner Roger Goodell's, NFLPA statements

    Excerpt: "The NFL has a new policy on the national anthem.

    All team and league personnel, including players, who are on the field for the pregame will be required to stand and "show respect" for the flag and the anthem under terms of the policy.

    But it no longer is required that all players on the field for the anthem, meaning players who wish to protest can stay inside the locker room or off the field. The protests typically are meant to bring awareness to social injustices and/or police brutality.

    The NFL can fine teams -- not individuals -- whose personnel violate the policy, but the teams have the authority to develop their own set of rules within the framework of the NFL policy.

    Essentially, the policy eliminates the ability for players to kneel during the national anthem. It is unclear if standing put raising a fist -- as some players have chosen to do -- and other less noticeable signs of protest will be considered respectful or disrespectful under the policy." Read more...
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    Terrible decision. I'll be watching a lot less football this year.


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      From a business standpoint, I can understand why the NFL is putting the policy into place to deal with a controversy that they believe is impacting their ratings. But from a PR standpoint, it makes the NFL look bad since they didn't work on a new policy with the player's union and they ended up creating another set of headaches for themselves.
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        Great decision & should have been implemented long ago. Who else here can bring PC protests to their place of employment & not get fired for it? Do that on your off time away from your place of employment. I turn on a game to watch football, not BS PC drama. The anthem nor the flag have zero to do with what they are protesting.