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    Welcome to the new NY Graphics Section. Here people can ask other members to make Sigs, avatars, and Wallpaper. Below are some instructionals for members to follow.</P>

    Also, NO girls allowed in your sigs on or Wallpaper. This is a football messageboard so please keep everything football related!!!!</P>

    * Keep sig size basically like my sig. We don't want people posting unedited pics which take up half the page or 1/4 as their sig. </P>


    1. Be polite. If you're new to, introduce yourself, say hello and be kind. No one likes a pushy fellow.

    2. Leave a message here asking for want you want. Be specific as it actually helps the sig maker out. Teams, players, colors, text, ideas, etc.. The more they know the better your item will be.

    3. Provide pictures.
    There are times where that can be demanding and time consuming to the item's maker.

    4. These people don't get paid for doing this. It's their own time to make something for you. Remember to thank the person who made your item. It makes them want to make more and it's just plain decent.

    5. Minor changes and/or a new sig after a bit are fine, but don't become a constant issue. No one likes a nag.

    6. Don't PM people to get your sig or avatar. They will respond to you via the thread or PM.

    7. Be patient. Sig &amp; Av makers usually take care of the people who have been here a while before they take care of new people. Don't take it personally. No one wants to make things for people they hardly know yet.

    8. Enjoy!</P>



    <FONT size=5>How to get your Sig to display:

    </FONT>1. Obtain your sig.

    You need to save your sig somewhere on your computer, like your desktop or a folder you use.

    2. Host your Sig. Got to imageshack or photobucket and host your photo. Click "Browse" to get your pic from the location on your computer and the click "Host It" to upload it to their site.

    Then get your photos URL location and copy it (highlight and then Control + C).

    3. From your User CP, choose "Edit Signature"

    4. Click this button

    and paste the URL into it like so

    5. Save it and it should work.</P>