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  • Profanity - YOU NEED TO READ THIS!

    <DIV class=ForumPostContentText id=_ctl0__ctl1_bcr__ctl0___PostRepeater__ctl1_PostViewWrapper>

    It seems that no matter how much we try and explain the policy of using innapropriate language on these forums, it still continues to happen on an almost daily basis. There also seems to be a bit of confusion as to just what is considered profanity and what isn't. I'll do my best to explain it once again and for the final time.</P>

    There is a language filter embedded in this forum software. It censors out almost any foul or innapropriate language that gets typed. It does NOT catch every single thing, unfortunately, but like anything else, it is not perfect and we try to keep it updated. When a word is censored out by the filter, it will look like this </P>


    This is what we are trying for, folks. This is what it should look like when a word is typed out and spelled correctly. There are some folks who report posts to us and claim they contain profanity, but the profanity has been blocked out with *** This is not profane and should not be reported. </P>

    When words are deliberately misspelled or symbols are added in place of letters just to get around the filter, also known as "masking"(Examples: <FONT color=#980001>M@sking</FONT>, Ma$king) this is not only childish and stupid, but it is a guaranteed way to get yourself suspended from the boards for a minimum of 1 week. We've seen every excuse, ranging from "My emotions got the best of me and I blurted it out" to "This is a free country and I'll say whatever I want" This is private enterprise. You are hanging out on property owned and operated by the New York Giants, folks, and free speech does not apply here. You are not having verbal conversations with people here, and therefore, you aren't really "blurting" anything out. You are typing, and that is something you are suuposed to be able to control and should know enough to either censor yourself or hit the backspace key a few times. It's really a very simple concept: Keep it clean or you will simply not post here anymore, under any account. If you are suspended/banned for whatever reason and you are found to have started a new account, all accounts get closed. End of story</P>

    To show that we're not unreasonable people, everyone will get a clean slate. However, if you are caught using profanity, the following will go into effect immediately</P>

    1st offense - 1 week suspension</P>

    2nd offense - 1 month suspension</P>

    3rd offense - Permanent IP/Account(s) ban</P>

    We will be keeping records of everyone who decides to cross the line. There is absolutely no reason to ever use bad language here, regardless of how angry/excited you get over the games. It's going to stop one way or another, so either accept it as a condition of posting hereor move on to some other forum that allows uncensored free speech. </P>

    Please take this seriously, because contrary to popular belief, none of us enjoys banningfellow fansfrom the boards. It doesn't have to happen if you simply use your head and think before posting. </P>

    Thanks for listening</P>