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Good luck tonight ntegrase96

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    Re: Good luck tonight ntegrase96

    [quote user="miked1958"]I really want us to put a whooping on you guys to break our four game losing streak. But another part of me realizes this team really doesnt have what it takes to make a run for the title this year with all the injuries, so yes a small part of me want the giants to lose out so they can start over next year with a new coaching staff, the young guys they already have on roster now and a bunch of good draft picks that a 6-10 record will get you.

    So yes I will be cheering on every play like I always do in hopes like all fans hoping against hope that their team will somehow catch fire and win it all. But I am rational and feel if we some how made playoffs it would be one and done like they have in recent past. Not only that it could be an embarrassing loss if we somehow get matched up against the saints.

    I also fear that making playoffs saves TC and his staff for another year. We also would drop from picking in the 10-14 range back into the 20s again if we eek out a few more meaningless wins.

    Seeing you are one of the fairest judges of the giants and cowboys, meaning you say it like it is. You are not a cowboy homer troll that is just over here to stir up trouble. U give credit to the gmen when they deserve it and come down hard on your own team when they screw up.
    So with all that said....good luck in today's game. May the best team win in an injury free game...[/quote]

    Hey thanks. Was away from home all weekend so haven't been on a lot lately. Anyway, was a pretty good game, thought the Giants definitely deserved it. Dallas looked like the better team for nearly the entire game but the Giants made plays when it mattered most as they have been the whole season.

    Felt like that timeout was going to work in Coughlin's favor. Kudos to JPP but that's just how things have gone for the Cowboys this year. Wished the kick would have sent it to over time but

    A.) we haven't won a coin toss for OT all year long (3 OT games) and our defense was done.
    and B.) I'm glad it was blocked and not just shanked. I can live with getting beat by great plays or players.

    A few coaching moves I didn't like, namely giving Free more help with JPP-- seriously, Tuck hasn't been very effective yet he got double teamed and he was up against the better tackle... Just didn't make sense. JPP is a monster. Also, Rob Ryan's blitzing with the secondary made me sick. Eli beat the blitz all day, so why leave a gap in the secondary by sending a safety who is going to be way too late. Ryan needs better corners to run his defense effectively.

    Still not out of it. The game was too close for me to believe the Cowboys have no shot the second time around. Destiny still in our own hands, and if we can't make it, then we don't belong in the playoffs anyway.