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When will the E-girls and Mike Vick learn they are not a dynasty!!!

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    Originally posted by BaldawgBites View Post
    First off I'm an EAGLE fan... I've been playing the stupid Foreskin fan for your amusement... THEY SUCK!!!!

    Secondly, Vick is'nt in Atlanta anymore... he's An EAGLE... and he's got a Very Good defense to back him up... You guys got lit up by that defense and lost to the Eagles last year with VINCE YOUNG at QB... You have lost weapons on offense and Our defense has improved in coaching ( Bowles) and LB ( Ryans)... You just might get swept by us this year... and with losing 1 to the Cowpoosies and Possibly the Foreskins that puts you 2-4 in the division at worst and 3-3 at best... meanwhile we went 5-1 and we have become BETTER... The Gunts are in for a LONG season.

    Could've guessed you were an eagles fan by the poor spelling and stupid comments
    #80 Get Well Soon