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So SICK of hearing RG3

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    Thanks for the link.

    Like all young QBs, it appears too soon to tell. He definitely was not accurate on his long throws, but he seems pretty functional as a short to medium passer. Based only on reviewing the clip his game reminds me a bit of Vick's. So, if he that's any indication and this year he stacks up to Vick....that should put him comfortably somewhere between the 3rd and 4th best QB in the division.


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      he does have a speedy wideout, garcon was good with effin curtis painter last year, i think he might make a name for himself with RG3 my friend.


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        Originally posted by Moke View Post
        Luck will have a much better career than RGIII
        I agree. RG is obviously talented, and confidence is a great thing to have, but he's just a tad too confident for me. Just gonna make the fall that much harder when he faces Eli


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          Originally posted by FIFTY6G-MAN View Post
          This is gonna make me puke this year, just like last year hearing TEBOW this and TEBOW that! His name is boob, er I mean Bob.
          They all talk like Bob has done something already... anyways he was one of the worst as far as facing pressure and taking sacks so his speed didn't do as much for him as you would expect... He isn't Cam nor will he ever be... I can't wait to lay on his back (multiple times)
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          Is it football season yet?


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            I was telling one of my co-workers (who happens to be a SkIns fan) earlier that I hope he doesn't think RG3 is gonna come into the NFC East and dominate in his first's not happening unless their D plays out of their minds. The D-lines and exotic blitz packages in this division isn't gonna allow it. To the poster above, I never heard of RG3 until the college season was narrowing down and they started talking Heisman. I don't think he was worse against the blitz though or else he wouldn't had won the trophy lol.