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Hilarious why your team sucks 2012 Redskins and eagles articles

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  • Hilarious why your team sucks 2012 Redskins and eagles articles

    I'm literally on the the ground right now because of these articles from deadspin..


    the fans comments are priceless

    heres an excerpt from the eagles one

    "The Linc could be full-up to capacity every Sunday of the NFL season with a different group of 69,144 fat, illiterate, mustachioed Philly slime reeking of Chicky and Pete's crab fries and Tastykakes and there would still be hundreds of thousands on the waiting list who never got in. These are people who will majestically don the jersey of a fifth-string wide receiver signed by the team 30 years ago because it was so bad it had to pluck a player off the street. This is a fanbase maniacally proud of the 700 Level in the Vet, which was one of the most vile places a human being could ever go. For many, Eagles is the only word they can spell with absolute confidence."

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    These were great!! thank you
    Oderint Dum Metuant

    It's too bad, I'm too good....


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      Wonder what they'll say about us...

      Bandwagon fans? Tell that to the guys burning their tickets in the parking lot.

      Screaming to fire Coughlin? That's more the press than the fans.

      Old? Golf claps? Perhaps.
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