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    Originally posted by BuffyBlueII View Post
    I try not to put down criminal activity from other teams because we are not doing to well in that regard, particularly with Mark Ingram and that filthy lowlife David Megget.

    Being a Motley Crue fan is awesome. I even loved the album with Jon Carabi although they are The Best with Vince Neil. Motley Crue along with Iron Maiden are my favorite bands of all time. They have been with me since I was a young one and have been a part of all aspects of my life. From the organized sports I played growing up throughout HS. Through the times with girl friends and trying to hook up with random girls to paying the extra credits to here their songs on barroom jukesboxes to the deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq, Motley Crue and Iron Maiden have always been with me. I have seen both bands many times live and this I saw Iron Maiden at Jones Beach. Unfortunately I will not see Crue this year because they are playing with KISS and I canít stand KISS and I refuse to give Gene Simmons my money.

    You are Dallas Cowboys fan but you are okay because you love Motley Crue.

    I bELIeve.
    i have the dr feelgood logo tattoo'd on my arm


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      Originally posted by ProfessorCrue View Post
      i have the dr feelgood logo tattoo'd on my arm
      That’s what I’m talking about.

      Long Live Motley Crue!