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    Re: Romo. Don't kill me.

    [quote user="Moss#83"]Romo might have had better numbers than Eli in some years but he was never, ever a better QB.[/quote]

    I don't remember if it was this board, but I remember after the Giants and Cowboys played for the second time in 2006 there were quite a few giants fans angry that the Cowboys 'struck gold' with Romo. Eli was a bum, Romo was the man, and talks of that went on until you guys beat us in the playoffs in 2007.

    Eli finally put it together that year and made some nice plays to help the Giants to win a superbowl. And then the competition was history in the eyes of Giants fans because Eli was now 'proven'.

    The first year I ever thought highly of Eli Manning was 2009. Up until that point he was a bus driver, in my opinion. Now he carries the team. Like Romo I view him as a slow developer. The only difference is that Manning was a number one overall pick and Romo was an Undrafted Free Agent.

    But I'll give the nod to Eli. I've always said that he had to be considered better in the close race between QBs because of the superbowl win and his performance in the 2007 playoffs. But it hasn't been until this year where I look at Eli Manning and think he's actually a better QB all around.

    That said, I think a lot of Romo's mistakes this year have been overblown because of the spotlight that he holds, while Eli's made a few himself in the losses the Giants have had. Romo has actually had only 2 less game winning drives this year than Eli's six, although I can think of two off the top of my head where he led game winning or tying drives but special teams wasn't able to capitalize on.

    Overall, while I give Manning the nod to being better, I think the race is closer than the media is giving it credit for right now, and the valid points in the OP help narrow that gap.