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Some sports fans are just delusional

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  • Some sports fans are just delusional

    I never understood how someone could actually believe that they just because they speak members of their favorite team listen. Whether you post on a message board or a video on You Tube, I doubt very much that either the players or the coaches are watching or listening and even if one actually does see something you write, that they actually care.

    I just saw this You Tube video from a guy named Shango where he rants are raves over the Cowboys loss to the Seahawks and it illustrates my point beautifully and its pretty entertaining to boot.(warning: there is a little profanity in the video)

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    And that is why I never get angry about football games anymore. You just end up looking like a complete moron, whether anyone is watching or not. Why people make videos to rant over football games is beyond me, but the fact that they post them for the world to see is......mind boggling, and one of the biggest cries for attention known to man.

    I can just imagine what some of the regular posters in TAGF must be like after a loss. They probably put this guy to shame LOL
    The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd - Bertrand Russell


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      If I had the chance, I would **** on that thing too.
      I stopped fighting my inner demons. We're on the same side now.


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        I can't wait to see his video after the Bucs beat them in their own house.....

        "Get the kids out of the room cause I'm about to stick this loaded Glock in my mouth and blow my ****ing brains all over this lame *** star!!!"
        I stopped fighting my inner demons. We're on the same side now.


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          Yeah I heard JT the Brick talking about this video on his talk show the other morning when I was driving to work. He played a few segments of it on the radiom with the profanity censored. So when I had a chance, I looked it up and watched it. It did give me a good laugh. The guy is way over the top.


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            I heard it on the radio here in Houston as well and they actually used a part of it for a contest, whenever you heard the high pitched cacky you were to call in and win.

            They also use the "you will be sent to best" part as well, they thought that was especially funny.

            You have to understand I am a Giants fan in Houston and its pretty easy since most Houstonians hate the Cowboys just as much as New Yorkers do, so the radio people here like rubbing in Cowboys losses as well.


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              This used to only be found on Sports talk radio. Youtube has made everyone a celebrity. Funny, but sad. "worst pathetic performance I have seen in the last ....3.....4......5 years" He had to hesitate there because Dallas has sucked so bad he wasn't sure if they performed this bad just last year. LOL.