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Vick on short leash

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    Originally posted by Sarcasman View Post
    We've lost to crappier QBs than him.

    I'm praying Vick remains the starter throughout the length of his contract. What the hell, give him an extension as far as I'm concerned.
    yeah.....i want vick in there


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      Originally posted by titwio View Post
      I'd welcome Foles with open arms over Vick.

      The O-line is what's the most suspect thing for Philly and Vick is basically running for his life. With Foles he'd be a sitting duck behind that line.
      Be careful what you wish for, many a back up has gotten a W of the GMEN, lets hope Vick stays healthy for 1 more game, if they continue to play like they have Vick is not going to make it a full season, I have picked 8 games the most he would make it as a starter this year and it's a small miracle he's made it throught the first 3.
      Forget the Past, Live for the Future!


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        Originally posted by TheAnalyst View Post
        I think Garcia and Kolb both killed us in the past coming off the bench for the Eagles.

        I dont think they bench Vick though.
        Yeah, even Vince Young killed us!