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News alert! Cowboys to have victoria secret in jerry world

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    its the restaurant and bar scene that's the real the area some substance, and flair

    like the Meadowlands, Foxboro is in the boonies with nothing around it but gas stations and 7/11's...........the Mall makes it a nice stop
    Plus you can go to the restaurants and take in the game and still feel part of the party


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      Originally posted by TextureDj View Post
      Dude, dont you think your laying it on a little thick? You would think she was your ex wife or something.

      She has proven that she is a big girl and can take the jousting, but its not a good look my dude. Comes off a tad bullyish.

      If you think she is bandwagon, have no worries Big Blue will surely put her to the test at some point in the near future, you know they never make it easy.
      Its just her countless posts of nothing but Happy Mornings, and Eli omelettes that got to me. She didnt even know what TAGF was after her 275 post! I will always throw some comments at her and she knows it is always good natured. Let her stick up for herself. She is a big girl.

      Originally posted by appodictic View Post
      Yes. Someone is always ripping her. Is it the same member? I think he must have Pmed her for a date and got denied.
      Oh yeah.......Ya got me. This IS NOT a dating board. You must have already tried that move if you are stating it about someone else.


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        Originally posted by ProfessorCrue View Post
        lol, what i said must of really gotten to you for you to keep babbling nonesense.
        lol....You're going to have to gain a few more IQ points before you "get to me", Corky.
        I stopped fighting my inner demons. We're on the same side now.


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          Originally posted by BParcells777 View Post
          Crue- How are you feeling about the game today? yours I mean....

          I know you like the Gmen tonight
          Cowboys play tomorrow night but ill put it like this. if Dallas plays like they did against yall, they will win. if they play like they did against seattle, they will lose. but they also need to start scoring more points. i dont like it anytime they score under 20 pts per game


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            Five pages because a VS opens at Jerry World. Somebody's a little too obsessed with what's going on in Big D.

            You're now free to post lame insults and observations.


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              Originally posted by ProfessorCrue View Post
              sounds like more jealousy
              What's there to be jealous of? The Cowboys are the Montreal Canadiens of the NFL. Nothing to talk about but the old days as the team is now a laughing stock of the league.