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Texans vs Jets

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    Originally posted by Ntegrase96 View Post
    Can't believe I'm defending the Texans here, but how exactly are they overrated?

    They're pretty solid all the way around, with absolutely great players with Andre Johnson, Arian Foster, Jonathan Joseph, JJ Watt.

    They're about as good as they were last year when they won a playoff game without Mario Williams, Andre Johnson, and they're starting QB Schaub.

    Have they been tested by a top contending team? Not really. But from what I've seen with them, they look like one of the best teams in the NFL, if not the best.
    Because they are paper champs, just like the falcons lately every season. Two teams that can't win anything but regular season games.


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      Sanchez showed me he has the chance to be a good qb.He played with no names and not 1 good wr or tight end.He had 230 yds vs a good defense and made it competative.It remined me of the Giants vs Packers game when we saw what we were capable of.Obviously you add a Keller,and a Hill and you have a better offense.But the Tebow coming in and out screwed their flow and that made it very tough given the quality of team they played which is a top 5 team,no doubt.


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        all the Giants do is win and get no respect, the Jets are imploding all the way to a disaster of a season and for some reason they are the story on all sports shows, why, because people like watching a car wreck