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Seriously Niners Fans???

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  • Seriously Niners Fans???

    Just went back to the 372 page thread on the niners board where I saw more S**t talk about the Gmen then I have ever imagined could be spewed... after the original post on here about the thread. I can honestly say I am so proud to be a Blue fan and the class level of our fans versus those lame excuse making 49ers wannabes!!!! I have never seen so much excuses and cr&p for the whipping they just took on our boards! Thank you Giants fans for always accepting our losses with class like real men!! (half the bay area can't live up to the real men stat!) Seriously guys look at the last 25 pages of excuses and wallowing in their ability to not complete a touchdown!!!


    So Proud to be a New York Football Giants Fan TONIGHT and EVERY Game day!!!! Go Blue!!!

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    California is a cesspool of losers and freeloaders who want to be taken care of cradle to grave. The state is bankrupt and the Niners and Alex Smith overrated. Nice work Gmen!