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Niners fans crying "outcoached"

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  • Niners fans crying "outcoached"

    Crying they got outcoached and they gave up on the running game too soon.
    Saying Gore was getting 5 yards on every touch.

    Not sure what they are talking about. Gore was getting some runs, but
    he got stuffed for no gain on a 3rd and 6 at our 26 in the first drive.

    Second drive he went -1 on first down, then 6 yards second down.
    3rd is obvious pass play since you just ran it twice for a total of 5 yards.

    3rd drive smith took one shot down the field got intercepted.
    How is that giving up on the run after one play.

    4th drive gore for 3, false start penalty, then gore for 8.
    short pass failed on 3rd and 4, but you can't keep running
    the ball and never passing. (unless your the giants in
    the 4th quarter, HAHAHA!!). so 3rd and 4, missed
    short pass.

    5th drive they are first and 20 after holding penalty.
    Gave it to gore he got 3 yards. Had to pass then,
    got 12 yards on second, now they were 3rd and 5.
    Maybe gore gets the 5 and maybe not, but
    usually passing down on 3 and 5, pretty manageable.
    missed pass, had to punt.

    6th drive give it to kendal got 2 yards.
    2nd down pass to MH for 7 yards.
    3rd down intercepted on 3rd and 6 (after 5 yard penalty).

    Up until then, smith was completing short passes, he was doing OK.
    But at that point, they were down 20-3 and had to pass.
    Overall I don't see when they gave up on run, unless the whiners
    wanted their team to run EVERY down......

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    I would chalk that win up to a severe ***** beating...


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      They absolutely did get out coached, that's not even a question.
      And they only gave Gore 8 carries all game. Regardless whether he was getting stuffed or not they were extremely stupid to abandon the run. AB wasn't having a monster game in the beginning but we kept feeding him the ball and eventually he started breaking some nice runs.


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        Gore was gaining yards on us at the beginning. Looks like he started to get stuff. But they did abandon the run after awhile. Might have been when the Giants were gaining on them.


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          They got manhandled in every aspect of the game. They did not execute, we did. The 49ers are obviously a great team. We just dominated them on this day. I'm sure this isnt the last time these 2 will match up.


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            I thought they got out-coached simply because they started to abandon the things that have served them so well this year and I think his inability (or unwillingness) to adapt his game plan earlier in the game coupled with his petulant "punishment" of Smith by insisting on bringing on the crap-cat offense regardless of whether it made sense or not....

            Harbaugh's lack of confidence in Smith could well become an issue this year. He can talk all he wants, he doesn't act like a coach who is confident in his protege. It's ironic: given what a flat out crappy QB he was one would think he'd be more patient of his own QB.