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  • Great footballl article

    Hey guys im trying to help a good friend of mine hes working his way into the sports world and is very talented and knowledgeable about sports and is writting great articles every week about football. Please check it out and show support he is very comical in his writting but its definately worth a good reading and it doesnt matter what team you like he will talk about them.

    Let me know what you think he does use profanity now.

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    He won't get any work at SI or ESPN, which is a shame, cause Ilove the profanity. I agree with his opinions. I think most knowledgeable,objective football fans would too, regardless of who they root for.......Thumbsup !!!! I enjoyed it thoroughly.


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      yeah man I have to disagree he has a unique humor to his style minus the profanity that other journalist dont got. Hes got an interview next month actually wth ESPN. Hes good ill keep this articles coming and promise you man they wont disappoint.