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    Originally posted by Riverdance View Post
    The Titans used to play in Houston until they got their team ripped from them. There is a lot of resentment for that in Houston. Seems like one of those rivalries you cant understand unless you live in Nashville or Houston.
    I live in Tennessee, and most Titans fans I know and work with, consider the Ravens and Steelers more of a rival than the Texans right now---that goes back to the days of the Old AFC Central when you had the Oiler, Steelers, Browns and Bengals. Even at 1 point the Jaguars were more of a rival of the Titans than the Texans are now.


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      Originally posted by Riverdance View Post
      You would get beaten up if you went to DC and accused people of being a Dallass Cowgirls fan. And no I'm not a Cowgirls fan

      brb I actually have a brain
      brb I actually know football
      brb I'm not a bandwagoning piece of ish
      brb I'm not annoying as ish
      brb I'm not a delusional hillybilly
      brb brb
      I'm not up on all of the internet slang and abbreviations, but what is brb all about? From what I understand brb is internet slang for "Be right back' Or am I missing something? Do you mean to say BTW, which would mean "by the way"


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        Originally posted by Riverdance View Post
        Well RG3 is a sexy man (no homo). Very fit to be the next face of the league. After we watch a team, other then the Redskins,win the Super Bowl this year, just imagine all the endoresement deals they will get.
        Originally posted by Riverdance View Post
        That's right. Who's gonna stop us? Dallas, Giants and Philadelphia are more than capable of doing so. Even college teams and the local high school are not scared ****less of us. Theres even a rumor down here that Daniel Snyder tried to pay Roger Goodell a higher salary if he let the Redskins ignore the salary cap.

        And we took ATL to the limit earlier this year but we could not close the deal but got a moral victory anyway.
        Originally posted by Riverdance View Post
        It's a more polished team this year. Matty Ice is playing out of his skull and Julio Jones is more polished but Atlanta has not proven anything in the playoffs when it counts most. With that being said, we did not win even if the refs would have handed us the game and if the Falcons were playing dirty trying to injure Bob.

        And Dallas never has 2 S's, unless you failed spelling in elementary school. ALWAYS.
        fixed up a few of your posts for you!
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          Originally posted by Riverdance View Post
          ..Theres even a rumor down here that Giants Management tried to go to Roger Goodell to get rid of the Redskins game before the season
          what kind of an idiot are you? When would the League ever eliminate Divisional games, and that's games with an "s" BTW, not BRB.

          Not only are you delusional but your stoopider than a MFer...yes stoopider... moron

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