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    The final score is all I care about and all that matters! We Giants fans already know what a rout it SHOULD have been, but everything wrong with the Giants that game is fixable, unlike Tony Romo!
    You can't fix CHOKE when it's in the Cowgirls' DNA. Im not talking about the almost game winning TD that wasn't or the 18 completions to Witten, I'm talking about those killer turnovers that they always seem to commit every game to do themselves in.
    That they ALMOST won is irrelevant....the fact is they DIDN'T!
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    "I'M ALL FOR IT!"

    John McKay, HC of the 1976 winless TB Buccaneers, when asked by a reporter, how McKay felt, about the execution of his offense.


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      Originally posted by Ntegrase96 View Post
      The Cowboys defense didn't make stops when they needed to but yet the Giants had to 'settle for FGs'... how does that work?

      Ah.. the old logic angle, eh? I'll have you know that this type of analysis is not welcome here.

      Good day, sir.