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How long before the NFL catches up with Shannahan's gimmick(College) offense?

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    Originally posted by TroyArcher View Post
    I have seen this before (i.e. Wildcat) and it doesn't last in the NFL. RGIII looks good but he will not last if he continues running a college type offense. NFL defenses will catch up and he will take a beaten. Perhaps he will succeed in a conventional NFL type offense, remains to be seen.
    I think in the next year or 2 you will see opposing teams d-coordinators starting to solve the gimmic/college offense. They are paid to do so. I remember when Vince Young was the "man" some years back, won the rookie of the year if I'm not mistaken. Cam Newton---looked pretty dangerous last year, Mike Vick---a weapon, once upon a time. What happened? Year 2 hit Young and Newton, and well Vick, he just cant stay healthy.

    That could be the fate of Griffin---either he is going to become an injury liability with all of that running around and taking all of those hits, and/or defenses will come up with schemes that will show him to be like any other mortal playing the game today.