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  • Im curious about something

    I was reading one of the Giants board Big Blue Interactive I think it was. There was a thread on there asking everyone which team they don't want to see go all the way. Every single one of the Giant fans said Green Bay, SF and Washington. I dont understand all the hate. They say Rodgers is smug and we were sore losers after last year.

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    Rodgers comes across very ****y. It also ticked off alot Giants fans when Packers players were saying they gave the playoff game away last year. The Giants dominated that game. SF and Redskin hatred goes back many years.


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      He isn't ****y. He just has alot of confidence. You guys beat us fair and square in the playoffs both times. I heard from the Giants fanbase our fans were very classy in defeat in the 07 title game. Rodgers is a super nice guy. He comes off like that but isnt Peyton Manning the same way and Brady? I like the Giants though, hard to hate a great team similar to Green Bay.
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        Peyton and Brady have earned the right to be. Not saying that Rodgers doesn't have the right to be confident, because he does, but he's still relatively new in getting a pass for his personality. And that actually may never happen, who knows.