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Mayor of DC wants Redskins to change name

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    The Washington Liars. That about sums it up.

    Wouldn't be surprised if Washington's dumbass mayor suggests the "Washington Obamas" since everyone worships Obama here in DC like he is God.


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      He's right -- they should change their name. It is racist.


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        Originally posted by Giants5699 View Post
        Idk, the link that was provided in that movement wanted all of those team names changed and called them racist... At that, we should make the Chicago Blackhawks change their name and logo too. And I'd have no problem with a team called the blackskins or whiteskins for that matter.
        Why are the Blackhawks a racist name? They're not -- it was, or is, a tribe, correct? Nothing racist in the Cleveland Indians either. You're insane if you can't see the racism in "Redskins."


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          Blackhawk is not racist. It was the name of one of the local tribes in the eastern Illinois area.

          If a team is called the Braves, that is not racist either, it refers to a young warrior.

          redskin in effect refers to a rather derogotory description of the hue of many Native American people...I do understand the decades of history thing, but Franchises on the Pro level can and do change their nicknames.

          Sonics to Thunder and now the Hornets to Pelicans (LOL)

          In all seriousness the PC thing has really morphed into something overly done and ridiculous. But I am sure the Skins can come up with something that keeps all parties from crying.

          The Washington Senators, read: Liars, was brilliant IMO. Sense they have Wizards, Mystics and Nationals switching up to a "political" or "government" name might be Ok.

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