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Woody Johnson meddles with trading Darrelle Revis

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  • Woody Johnson meddles with trading Darrelle Revis


    A debate already has started in New York following Wednesday's news that the Jets will consider all options when it comes to cornerback Darrelle Revis' future: Should the Jets trade Revis?

    There is a surprising amount of support for the idea, but that argument is missing the real story here: more Jets dysfunction. The headline of the original story says it all: "Jets owner Woody Johnson to explore trading Darrelle Revis."

    Apparently, Jerry Jones isn't the only owner dabbling as a general manager for his day job. This has to be troubling for Jets fans.'s Albert Breer wrote: "Going back to discussions with general manager candidates, Jets owner Woody Johnson has expressed a need to figure out where the team is headed with Revis."

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    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    It's just the Jests trying to stay in the limelight Oh and by the way it's not a misspell (JEST)


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      The only thing that would make the Jets complete is if they hired Isaiah Thomas as the general manager at some point.

      Also, the name Woody Johnson just makes me chuckle.
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        ^ Yes I need to have BOTH of my names be euphamisms for penis
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