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    Originally posted by TheAnalyst View Post
    I was absolutely shocked they didnt go safety with that pick. Elam, Cyprien would of been a much better pick IMO. Then get that center in round 2.
    Well, that's a bit of hindsight as well. I would have liked to get one of those safeties but at the same time was it worth the risk of not getting a center to anchor a horrendous offensive line? We can look at it now and say it probably was likely that Frederick would be around in the 2nd, but there was no way of knowing then.

    In the end I think Frederick will be a starter for the next few years, maybe even his career and that seems to be worth the late 1st rounder.

    The only thing that disappointed me was the lack of value that we got in return for trading back. But in the end, I guess I can't complain too much about getting the combination Frederick and Terrance Williams in return.

    Overall it just didn't seem like a tactful draft, but it seems like we may have gotten some solid contributors. Only time will tell.
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      Originally posted by tabascocat View Post
      What tons of value and needs did we exactly give up though? There was no one left really. When it came to the 31st pick, they clearly went need over BPA. I like the pick, maybe he could have been there in the 2nd(probably not) but there was not much else to choose from.

      I would have stayed at 18 and got the BPA(Floyd) but it is what it is. There is still quite a bit of talent left tomorrow, we have to get a safety at some point.
      You answered your own question.
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