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    Problem was that Dallas fans thought they could keep that great OL intact for yrs to come, forgot all about silly things like retirements, career ending injuries & FA. They also were in denial that their great O hid their mediocre D away on the sidelines with a clock eating ground game. They really though they had a good D. That good D when having to be on the field more than 20-22 min like they were last yr has given up 42, 35,35, 27 & 37 pts in their 5 losses. If Dak was all that, why couldn't he overcome his defenses suckage & put the O on his back & win any single one of those games? Why, because without a nice comfy lead, great ground game to keep him in very short 2nd & 3rd down situations where all he has to do is throw a simple dink pass for the 1st, he can't win a game with just his passing skills, he ain't Dak good!


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      captian checkdown.

      it's really hilarious seeing him play actually. when he had 3rd and 4, 3rd and 3. his littlle 5 yd passes got them a 1st down. now with out his geico caveman bff running the ball 6 yds every 1st down, he's in 3rd and 10, 3rd and 8 and his little 4 yd passes come up short of the marker and lead to 4th downs.

      he is so bad. too chicken **** to take a shot down field. so what you want about guys like Favre and even Eli, but they took chances and for the most part it paid off for them. there is a reason these checkdown guys don't ever get super bowl rings.


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        Cowboys are officially done. Dak is gonna get killed again for another sub par game even with his LT. Mysery loves company


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          Originally posted by SG88 View Post

          Some of our fans are hilarious. They love giving Eli excuses for his subpar play and refuse to give other players the same excuse.

          100%. And not surprisingly, vice versa.


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            We made a mistake with Eli
            He should have been traded for a few picks before the deadline
            Webb would have gotten his shot and Eli sent somewhere to purse a 3rd ring. Packers or Denver
            When we took Tarkenton from Vikings there was an unwritten agreement we would trade him back down the road
            The same sort of agreement could have been had from Green Bay and everybody wins

            The Packers would have had a legitimate shot with they threw their season away
            ours was already over at that point for all practical purposes