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I think eagles will beat Patriots

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    Originally posted by Freebird View Post

    I have said it before and I will say it again... given the fact that the Eagles have beaten the Giants like a tin drum almost every year for the last 20 plus years, do you really believe your team would have as many trophies if they had to play the Eagles to get them? C'mon now, be honest, you know the answer is no...That should tell you everything you need to know about that...

    The Giants played the Eagles during the regular season to earn a playoff berth on their way to winning their 4 Super Bowls, so the Eagles weren't good enough to keep the Giants out of the playoffs to prevent those 4 Super Bowl runs. And while the Eagles are finally starting to pull their weight in the division by finally winning a SB, you're still lagging behind the Giants, Cowboys and Skins in trophy count.
    One of these teams is not like the others



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      During the Giants 5 SB seasons, Giants -Eagles games went like this:

      1986 Giants swept Philly
      1990 Giants split w/Philly
      2000 Giants completed the Trifecta on Philly
      2007 Giants split with Philly
      2011 Giants swept Philly

      Giants beat the Eagles 9 of 11 times including a 3 game sweep in 2000 season when Giants swept Philly in regular season and then in the Div rd. So yeah, the Giants have actually had their way with Philly during our 5 SB runs. It's in the none-SB seasons that Philly has had their way with us, especially during the Eli era asides from the 07-11 seasons.


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        We could have swept them 2017 session too


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          Yeah, lost 27-24 & 34-29, 8 pt total. & that 2nd game was with a WR corps full of practice squad players. Brad Wing cost us the 1st game with awful punts and miracle 61 yd FG at the gun. At least we made Philly earn those 2 wins.