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    Re: Will someone remind me? Are the Titans playing this Weekend??

    [quote user="East Coast Bias"]Funniest thing about this thread is that the the Tennessee Titans used to be the Houston Oilers

    If you respect others, they will respect you.


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      Re: Will someone remind me? Are the Titans playing this Weekend??

      [quote user="BobbyD"][quote user="flamethrower"]For someone who claims to be a Titans fan shows how stupid you really are. The Titans formerly Oilers won the first 2 AFL titles. Sad thing is they ain't won Squat since. 50 strait years of Failure.
      And by showing the old tired Lombardi line shows that this troll ain't really a Titans fan. Because the Texans have just as many Lombardi trophies as the Titans. 0. But who gives a flying **** about that. I sure don't. Now remind me again who finished first in the AFC South Division, and who was 2nd? Oh yeah Tennessee was 2nd, and Sitting home again Watching the Playoffs on TV.
      And the last time that Tennessee made the playoffs was 2008. They Lost in the Divisional Round. After having a Bye, and being the Home team. To Baltimore.
      [/quote]No, I'm a Titans fan. Tennessee born and bred. Take into account, that we were screwed out of our rightful playoff spot, because the got damn Raiders couldnt handle their buisiness and the refs cheated us out of that Ravens game, a few years back. Now remind me, what was the score of our game at Reliant? [/quote]

      Pretty sure losing to the Colts LOL! had something to do with it