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Back to back season opening loss ?

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  • Back to back season opening loss ?

    To the Dallas Cowboys ?

    By the end of the first quarter, we should know how Dallas's patchwork o line is able to stand up to the Giants strong D front.

    If Dallas O line holds it's own, Giants are in for a long night. Real long. Not homering on ya in any way......but thats the matchup you absolutely have to win. We have too many healthy options for Romo to throw and hand off too. We all know what Romo does when he has linemen in his face...... but if he has even a little time to read plant and throw, their passing game is going to do big things.....against any team.

    Regardless of Dallas's D line injuries, I like the balance that we have between pass rush/ Lb'er's and the secondary. I think the Giants are more tilted toward their D line strength then their secondary. (I'm sure you'll let me know if I'm wrong there.) which is why, in my book, the pressure is on the Giants D line to have an impact ......... or else.

    If you are a Giants fan, you hope that the Bengal 1's on their O and D lines were sandbagging pretty good in the pre-season game the other week. Their lines are absolutely the strenght of that team (and they are tops in the league on those lines)......and Dallas's 1's whooped em pretty good despite our issues.

    We shall see soon enough. This is going to be a loooooooooooong week.