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Why the falcons should lose..

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    Re: Why the falcons should lose..

    [quote user="Falcons12"][quote user="Ntegrase96"]I dunno about your reasoning.

    Matt Ryan doesn't throw the long ball very well and he typically is more prone to throwing the ball away than try to make a play. I think your secondary is better with Phillips in, but it's going to be interesting to see how they stack up against the speed and phyiscallity of the Falcons receivers (including Gonzo).

    Wouldn't be surprised either way in this game.

    I think the better matchup for the first week of playoff action would have been the divisional rival rematch of the Falcons and Saints, and Giants v Lions.

    Never felt like the Falcons were a good team.

    Sucks that you guys didn't even make it to the post season. Stings a bit doesn't it? Oh and FYI, we will be seeing you guys at our house next year. Bring the lube because I'm sure you guys will need it when we put it to ya. [/quote]

    I'm no fan of the Cowboys but i look forward to seeing your weak *** team get swept by the east next season. Win something of importance before you come here talking **** poopie.


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      Re: Why the falcons should lose..

      [quote user="falcon56"]PLEASEEE just refrain from all the Matt Ryan smack talk. I find it humorous that you think you can call out any other QB when you have Eli Manning as your quarterback. Besides being socially awkward and a flat out loser, after this sunday Eli is going to develop a studder in compliment to that nice lisp he already has.[/quote]Just wonder who developed the studder after we kicked your *** back to Atlanta. How many points did your offense score? Did you say ZERO (0)?